Everyday life provides us with enough things to stress about, figuring out how to get screen printed t-shirts should not one of them. Rival Screen Printing is here to provide screen printing services to Shawnee residents! With our knowledge in the art of the screen printing in addition to our passion for creating not only a great product, but a satisfied customer, there is no better way to simplify the process.

To streamline the process even more, we provide free screen printing design consultations! Our team of in-house developmental artists are specially trained and prepared to assist customers in finding the perfect design to fit their needs. This is just one more way to show that we here at Rival Screen Printing desire to facilitate an enjoyable business transaction.

If you are looking for screen printed t-shirts at wholesale quantities, let us help you there as well! Ask about discount wholesale rates for screen printed t-shirts.

In the market for screen printed apparel other than a t-shirt, we have you covered. Our highly trained screen printing artists can perform screen printing work on not only t-shirts but sweatshirts, jerseys, tank tops, in addition to most any other forms of apparel that you may desire screen printing work on.

Fill out the contact form on our home page and a customer service representative will be in touch with you shortly. Be sure to make note of exactly what you are looking for, consequently we can be properly prepared when we contact you!