Specialty Inks

Specialty Inks

Does your imagination take you to a T-shirt that sets the night on fire? Or adds a new dimension to your message? Or gives you a safety edge when you're out exploring the dark?



Rival Screen Printing has the specialty inks to help you realize your vision. What would happen, for example, if you found a place in your design for a bit of Foil ink? It might be copper or gold or silver or bronze. Maybe even black. But it will make a statement. It will catch and hold the eye and add the glistening touch that brings the idea home.



Or maybe you prefer the Metallic ink look. Imagine laced threads of reflected light highlighting the crucial parts of your design. It might be the sensuous curve of an alto sax, the taut strings of a guitar or the hair tumbling from beneath a heroine's crown. No matter what the subject, it will come to a new kind of life that will not be soon forgotten.



Whoever thought a T-shirt could become a beacon of hope? But it can happen if you choose Gel ink for your next design. It's light-activated, so once it has been exposed to the brightness, it holds on to it and releases it in the dark. Imagine how cool that could be the next time you go dancing in the night.



Want your shirt to pop? Puff ink will do the job. This ink actually rises as it cures, so you end up with a three-dimensional image you can be proud of. 



Are you sports and safety minded? Think about Reflective ink for you next race T-shirt. Your message is visible day or night, and you keep your people out of harm's way.


Glow in the Dark & UV Ink

On the opposite end of the spectrum, think about a T-shirt that comes to life in the light. Take High-D ink outside and watch what happens. It's like the animation masters got hold of your design and brought it to life. That zombie on your shirt really can shuffle.




You should check out these and other specialty inks from Rival. To learn more, contact us at 913.827.1654 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..