Live Screen Printing

When you have the chance to meet your customers face to face and engage them on a personal level, you don't want to waste any time. You want to make a strong impression as quickly as possible.

Live screen printing from Rival does the job.

Imagine being able to hand your customers a hot-off-the-press T-shirt with up to 10 colors and choice of designs. Not only will you make a great first impression, but your customers will carry that impression with them to a larger audience. It's hard to put a value on that kind of brand awareness, but it's worth a lot.

Live screen printing is great for just about any event, from corporate get-togethers to trade shows and more. The benefits are pretty easy to see:

• Greater brand awareness. Your customers will leave with a T-shirt that puts your brand front and center. Everywhere they go, your brand goes with them.

• Stronger marketing. Giving your customers the opportunity to choose their own design and have their own T-shirt made right there is something they'll remember and appreciate. You're a lot closer to earning their business and their loyalty.

• A chance to make some money. Charging something for a custom T-shirt enhances its value. Live screen printing is perfect for fund raisers and other events where contributions are expected. People will pay for a T-shirt they like.

When you choose Rival for your live screen printing, you get:

• Real screen printing, not a heat-pressed substitute

• Up to 10 colors per shirt

• Up to 300 freshly printed T-shirts an hour

Rival has years of experience with live screen printing for events. In fact, we reinvented live screen printing, changing it from a one-shirt-a-minute to a 300-shirts-an-hour juggernaut. And we don't just do T-shirts. You can also give your customers tote bags and other promotional items. 

So why put opportunity off any longer? We can walk you through the entire process of planning and executing live screen printing at your next event. Our experience will help you make the most of this chance to please your customers, promote your brand and leave a lasting impression. We'll bring everything you need to turn your event into a sales success.

Start getting ready for a new era of opportunity. Call Rival at (PHONE) or email us at (EMAIL).