Oversized Screen Printing

Is your idea too big to be limited to the regular-sized space on a T-shirt? Is it too multidimensional to be confined to a T-shirt’s front and back?

If your concept defies the normal conventions, you should look into Rival’s oversized and all-over screen-printing capabilities. They’re two more ways Rival can help you create the right expression and make the best impression.

Oversized screen printing and all-over screen printing are pretty much what their names imply. Oversized simply means the printing area is larger than standard. In fact, it can range from just a bit of stretch to covering the entire front or back of the T-shirt, except seams, collar and sleeves.

Oversized printing requires the right tools, but most screen-printing shops can do it. The question isn’t so much about capabilities as quality, cost and service. Our oversized screen printing is the best available. As with all our products, prices for our oversized printing are highly competitive. And our service before and after your order has been placed is second to none.

All-over printing uses every part of the shirt, including the seams, collar and sleeves, to tell your story. The results can be very impressive.

Rival is proud to be one of only a few screen printers in its area to offer all-over screen printing. We enjoy working with customers whose imagination takes in new and exciting possibilities. Their creativity spurs ours and helps us break into new dimensions in our industry.

If you’re thinking about moving beyond standard image sizes and even beyond oversized images, all the way to all-over printing, here are some things to keep in mind:

• All-over screen printing takes longer. The process of all-over printing is not the same as oversized or standard printing. Just preparing the shirt to be printed is more complicated and takes more time.

• More supplies go into each printing. Because we’re printing the entire shirt, we use more of items like ink and emulsion. The additional cost of supplies adds to the cost of the shirts.

• Preparing artwork is more complex. Quality artwork is crucial. We want to make sure the image on your XXL shirt is as good as it is on your S shirt. We take the extra time necessary to ensure a smooth printing run. We also send you a proof of the artwork for your approval so we can be sure the time we take is spent well.

The next time you decide T-shirts would be the best way to get your message across, let your imagination stretch a little. Think about breaking the bounds of standard image size and how that might help you say more—bigger and better. Try outsized screen printing on for size. If that still isn’t enough to contain your creative expression, consider all-over screen printing and turn your T-shirts into wearable events.