Warehouse & Fulfillment

Why use someone else for warehousing and shipping your screen-printed products when you can do fulfillment yourself?

If you sell screen-printed products through your own retail outlet or through outlets owned by others, you’re probably interested in growing your business. Is expanding your warehousing and shipping space and capabilities the best way to encourage that growth?

Rival Screen Printing has another take on the situation. Why not leave warehousing and shipping to us so you can expand your creative capabilities to make more and better products and expand your brand?

You could realize some tangible benefits from taking advantage of Rival’s warehousing and shipping services. For example:

You can avoid the costs of leasing warehouse space. When you work with a company like Rival, your costs can be adjusted based on how much space you need and how much you use the services. When you warehouse or ship less, you pay less. With your own leased space, you pay the same amount no matter how much room your products take up. You also might have to lay off part of your staff every time things slow down.

And that’s another thing. When you don’t have shipping and warehousing function on site, you don’t need employees to staff it. That fact alone means you can escape any number of headaches.

Further, you can stick to what you know best instead of trying to become something you aren’t. More and more, fulfillment is itself a technical and highly sophisticated enterprise. You probably got into the screen-printed product business because you love design. Why spend time worrying about fulfillment?

If you’re still doing your own fulfillment, is it time to stop it and turn it over to someone like Rival? See the points made above.

For instance, if you’re running short on time to take care of your core business and spending too much time on fulfillment, it’s probably time to outsource. Unless, of course, you’re planning on changing your core business to warehousing and shipping.

If you’re finding that you have to lay off employees or notice that they’re often short of work, or you’re so busy you have to staff up frequently to keep up with demand, you’ll probably save money and aggravation by outsourcing. Rival can adjust quickly and efficiently to changes in demand.

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