Repair and Equipment Sales

Few people would argue that buying a used car is preferable to purchasing a new one—at least until they look at the price tag. The same is true of screen-printing equipment. In a business where margins can be pretty narrow, equipment is a major investment, and penny-pinching can be a profitable activity.

But all this isn’t a blanket recommendation to buy used equipment. Just as with a used car, you have to be sure you’re not taking on a lemon that will end up costing you far more in repairs than the thing is worth.

And, if you do need repairs, choosing the right service technician is critical, whether your equipment is new or used. Rival Screen Printing offers used equipment and repair services backed by training, experience, authorizations and iron-clad warranties.

Why should you rely on Rival for repairs and used equipment? First, repairs: It’s rarely a good idea to repair screen-printing equipment yourself. Not only does experience count here, but tinkering with equipment can lead to a warranty violation and loss of coverage for needed repairs. In other words, you could be out a lot of money. Repairs can only be made by authorized technicians. Rival has them.

Now on to used equipment. The comparison with buying a used car still holds. You need to ask some questions:

• Has the machine been properly refurbished with all necessary repairs made?

• Are all the facts about how and where the equipment has been used available and accurate?

• Does the price match the quality and reliability you can expect from the machine?

• Is there a warranty on the used equipment, and is it a strong one?

• Does this brand of equipment have a history of reliable performance?

• Does the used equipment dealer have a history of good customer service after the sale?

• Is training available from the dealer or another easily accessible source, and is that training certified by the equipment manufacturer?

• Will the dealer provide equipment installation?

From Rival, you can expect transparency concerning all these and other issues that are important when you’re buying equipment. Your purchase is more than a simple transaction. It’s part of an ongoing relationship that will involve much more than issuing a receipt.

Learn more about how Rival Screen Printing can help keep your screen-printing up and running—and growing—with used equipment and equipment repair services. Call 913.872.1654 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..